What We're All About

The Worcester Idea Lab was founded in 2016 in partnership with the Worcester Business Development Corporation as part of an effort to increase innovation and build community in Downtown Worcester. While our space provides collaborative workspace memberships similar to coworking spaces for startups, we also place a strong focus on community and global impact initiatives; encouraging our members to think about how their products, companies, and programs influence people and our world. We built our collaborative workspace model to include memberships for startups, side projects, existing companies, nonprofits, and universities to truly drive innovative development through conversation and collaboration across multiple sectors.


The Worcester Idea Lab is an initiative of Action! Worcester and is the cornerstone of our two pillars of focus; Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Lifestyle Development. Action! Worcester’s mission is to catalyze change that builds strong communities through observation, conversation and collaboration.

Our Core Values are integral to succeeding in building inclusive, sustainable and equitable environments, and it is our goal that our Idea Lab members share similar values:

  1. Innovation is realized by keeping an open mind
  2. Collaboration is fundamental to progress
  3. Inclusivity is vital to equitable development
  4. Sustainability is key to smart growth
  5. Analysis is critical to comprehensive understanding
  6. Design is the tool that delivers change

Our Office

Worcester Idea Lab
20 Franklin Street, Worcester, MA 01608
United States