Corporate Membership

It has been proven that getting out of your day-to-day office environment is important to boost productivity as well as build a culture of innovation.

Our corporate membership is for companies who want to encourage creative thinking, new product development, and solutions innovation in their staff as well as integrate in the community development efforts in Worcester. The Huffington Post, along with many other sources, talk about the value of spaces built for collaboration: β€œThe need to facilitate an environment of collaboration has never been more evident. As people become more connected to the wealth of knowledge available online, they have begun to realize how very important it is to feed their creativity and their joy.” Read the full article here.

Idea Lab Membership includes wifi, printer access, presentation technology, and coffee along with other perks such as member events and discounts.

  • Up to 5 of your team can use the space per day during work days (M-F 9am-5pm)

  • 60 client vouchers that allow usage of the space per year equivalent to our Day Pass

  • Annual credit towards rentals of the space including the Idea Lab and conference rooms

  • Featured as a member on our website and in appropriate materials


Do Well While Doing Good

Placing a higher value on social innovations that consider community impact, sustainability, equity, and inclusivity is becoming more and more prominent in successful business ventures. Influenced by the emerging generation of workers that want to have positive impact on the world, collaboration spaces take coworking a step further by being conscious to what the impact of these spaces can have on the projects that happen within them and the communities they are a part of.

Collaboration spaces expand on the coworking model by placing a high priority on interdisciplinary activity happening in the space that encourages members to think in new and innovative ways. Our members can be working on high growth potential technology startups or developing new product and service offerings for existing companies. Whatever the case may be, our members share an innovative mindset that considers their impact.