University Membership

Empowering students to pursue their ideas, innovations, and curiosities at an intercollegiate and community hub in Downtown Worcester.

University Membership provides access to the Idea Lab collaborative workspace as well as community resources and opportunities for students, faculty, alumni, and staff. Membership strengthens the student to alumni pipeline here in Worcester; providing value and incentive to your alumni to continue to develop their companies and projects here in Worcester after graduation.

Supporting local alumni company growth through membership keeps them closer to your alumni relations office and also increases the opportunity for your current students to get internships and jobs at alumni-started companies here in Worcester. This is an important driver in making the city a more desirable place for top-tier talent looking at applying to your institution.

More than a coworking space, the Idea Lab is heavily rooted in community involvement and impact, placing your institution at the forefront of supporting the mission and goals of Action! Worcester and community development and economic growth in Worcester.