Nonprofit Membership

Come be a part of a space primed for productivity and collaboration that focuses on impact.

The Worcester Idea Lab is run by nonprofit Action! Worcester who is focused on building strong, socially responsible communities. We are an organization and a space founded on the belief that collaboration is the key to success and that working together will help all of us reach our goals faster as well as create an innovative environment where new and impactful ideas are generated through conversation.

As part of that foundation, we want to provide affordable space to nonprofits working on impactful programs and initiatives that are bettering our world. We believe that by building a space where startup companies and nonprofits are working side-by-side that we are creating an ecosystem of impact and change. Come be a part of the movement.

Nonprofit Membership Benefits:

  • Standard office amenities; wifi, printer access, presentation technology, and coffee along with other perks such as member events and discounts

  • Up to 5 of your team can use the space per day during work days (M-F 9am-5pm)

  • 60 client vouchers that allow usage of the space per year equivalent to our Day Pass

  • Annual credit towards rentals of the space including the Idea Lab and conference rooms

  • Featured as a member on our website and in appropriate materials